What is an Inventory Management Systems and What Features Do I Need?

An inventory management system is designed to track and monitor inventory levels at the buyer's location. At Field, we offer a vendor-managed inventory system that manages and records inventory levels, track outgoing and incoming inventory items, and ensure the levels of each component are always within the pre-selected ranges.

In using our supplier inventory management system for your class C commodities, there is no tedious counting of fasteners or estimating the size of orders on perhaps hundreds of different fasteners. Instead, we install the technology and the services needed for your specific business to allow this to be completed through automation.

Saving Time and Money

Our vendor inventory management system eliminates all costs for your business. We handle all of the necessary documentation, shipping, receiving, and stocking at your location.

We offer several options in a supplier inventory management system that is custom designed for your business. This can include the use of barcode scanners at the bins, point of use scanning for real-time inventory control, or the fully automated electronic data interchange model.

There are also other options, including Kanban, consignment, and in-plant stores. Knowing what you need helps us to design the custom system that is right for your company.

We always focus on saving your business money. By maintaining consistent inventory amounts, your business can operate more efficiently while your in-house staff is free to focus on essential tasks.

To learn more about our vendor-managed inventory systems, call us today at 815-637-9002.