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VMI Programs for OEM Fasteners and Assembly Components

One of our areas of specialization at Field is offering our vendor managed inventory (VMI) solutions. For any business that relies on a steady supply of fasteners, this is the ideal program to ensure your in-house inventory is always stocked and your team can focus on the business of your business.

At Field, we specialize in VMI programs for OEM fasteners and assembly components. To help you decide if vendor managed inventory (VMI) is right for your company, consider the following questions:

  • Do you struggle with managing in-house inventory?
  • Are you running out of stock?
  • Is it difficult to coordinate orders with required demand?
  • Are your staff spending more time counting and ordering than doing what you hired them to do?
  • Is it difficult to find the time and technology to accurately forecast the need for fasteners and assembly components?

If you find these questions describe the challenges you are facing in your operation, our vendor managed inventory (VMI) is the ideal solution.

Customized Options

Unlike some providers, we offer customized VMI programs that are designed to work with your business. We use data to effectively manage your inventory of fasteners and components, building up the information needed to forecast and manage your inventory throughout the year.

Our services include bin stocking, point of use, camera, EDI, Kanban, in-plant stores, and other forms of customized options. Our goal is to create the ideal options in VMI programs for each of our customers based on their unique business model and specific inventory requirements. To get started, call the Field's team at 815-637-9002.