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Fastener Distributor: Your Source for Fasteners

At Field, we offer our customers a complete range of nut and bolt fastening solutions. As a leading supplier to industries across the country , we are also partnering with suppliers both nationally and internationally. No matter how rare or unusual your nut and bolt fastening requirements may be, we will work to find a supplier that offers the product you need.

Not everyone needs unique nut and bolt fastening solutions. We also provide the best selection of standard bolt and screw head types and sizes. Currently, we have over 120,000 different C class fasteners and commodities, which means we can have your order shipped out to meet your delivery needs.

The most common requests we get for nut and bolt fastening solutions in the two categories are provided below. These come in various sizes and materials for different uses.

Screw Head Types

  • Countersunk head: This head type allows the screw to be inserted into the workpiece to sit even with the surface. The two most common options are flat and oval.

  • Round head: Sit on top of the surface with a dome shape

  • Hexagonal: Also known as a hex

  • Flange: A hex head that has a shoulder or an attached washer

  • Truss: A larger, round head that is broad and slightly convex

  • Socket cap: Designed to be installed with a socket drive

  • Button: Round head that is also used with a socket drive

Bolt Head Types

There are many different specialized and general use bolts. The most common include the carriage bolt, which has a round dome and a square underside to the bolt head. The hex bolt head has a hexagonal shape and is similar to a hex bolt but with shorter threads. J-bolts and U-bolts look like their names, while anchor bolts do not have a head.

If you need a standard or a unique fastener, contact the team today at 815-637-9002.