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Kitting & Assembly Services: Everything You Need to Know

Kitting and assembly are a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and challenging task for any manufacturer. However, anyone selling equipment or items that need to be assembled will need to have some way to provide those necessary fasteners to their customers.

At Field, we offer a range of kitting and assembly solutions that are customized to your needs. We can complete a kitting and assembly service to your exact specification, allowing you to use your equipment, space, and workforce for in-house manufacturing and fabrication needs. If needed, we can even ship kits directly to your customers, reducing shipping time and costs.

Faster and More Reliable

Our kitting and assembly solutions are automated, which means we produce high volumes of finished kits or assembled components. The higher volume throughput completed means an overall lower cost per unit, which saves your business money.

In addition, through the use of automated systems, everything is quality assurance controlled, eliminating problems with missing fasteners and parts in kits or problems with poor or inconsistent quality in assembled components.

Automation also allows our kitting and assembly service to be highly flexible. This means running multiple kits or assembly processes for your company or making changes as you need without any downtime.

Outsourcing your kitting and assembly solutions to Field provides a reliable, effective, and efficient solution. We save you time and money will increase quality and consistency based on your specifications. For more information, get in touch with us at 815-637-9002.