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Field Celebrates 30th Anniversary 

The Global fastener distributor celebrates its 30-year anniversary this month. Field was founded in 1976 by Dick Field. In 1990 two enthusiastic brothers, Bill and Jim Derry, bought Field.

When Field was acquired, its customers were mainly in maintenance, repair and tool room operations with many small value orders and very limited production fasteners. At one point of the development, Field was operating out of three building and seven different floors. In 1996, Field built a new facility with many efficient and technology improvements providing a great foundation for growth.

Providing his perspective on the past 30 years Bill Derry States, “The success Field has enjoyed during the past 30 years is a result of the hard work by a committed team and the support of our customers and suppliers. We expect the future to be as successful and enjoyable as the past has been.”


Flash forward to 2020, our numbers speak louder than words:

  • 6 Centers of Excellence across the world
  • Over 200 Team Members
  • 19% average growth rate per year since 1990
  • 1500 Customers
  • 300+ VMI Systems in place
  • 166 charitable organizations support in the past 10 years.
  • $10,000,000+ in cost reductions found for customers since 2015
  • 56% 3-year growth rate
  • Thousands of Lives Improved!
  • Revenue exceeded $100MM in 2019

As Field Kicks off its 30th year, the company updated the strategic plan for the next 10 years. The plan is now centered around Improving the lives of Team Members, Customers, Suppliers, or the Communities in which they operate in. With this plan in mind, Field invites all these individuals to recognize all that they have achieved together over the last 30 years and to look forward to the opportunities that lay ahead.

Reflecting on 30 years in business Jim Derry said, “We have lived the American Dream!  The last 30 years has been an extremely enjoyable journey.  It has been fun to work with so many great people and being a part of a Team that is totally committed to exceeding our Customers’ expectations and Improving the Lives of others.”

Field would like to thank everyone that took part in their success over the past 30 years.