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Fastener Distributor: Your Source for Fasteners

While not the costliest item in your inventory, the fasteners required by any application or process are an essential part of your business. We provide the solutions you require to have both the right fastener and the optimal inventory levels at all times.

At Field, we are known as a leading industrial fastener distributor. We offer a global supply chain and a network of the most vetted and qualified manufacturers around the globe. We are much more than a fastener hardware distributor; we are a true value-added provider that works with businesses and companies from smaller OEMs to large enterprise companies with locations across the USA.

Our Network

One of the reasons we can work with multiple different types of industries is our network of top fastener manufacturers. Our team has the expertise and experience to source everything from agricultural fasteners to those used in rail, construction, transportation, or marine types of applications.

As a fastener hardware distributor, we can track down difficult to source fasteners. This saves your internal procurement team hours of time reaching out and trying to find the right manufacturer to fabricate the fasteners required for the specific application.

Our Focus on Quality

We carefully evaluate each of our suppliers regarding the quality of their production process as well as their fasteners and components. As your industrial fastener distributor, we only provide the highest possible quality parts and components to our customers based on their requirements and specifications.

If you are interested in learning more about what we can provide as your fastener hardware distributor, get in touch today at 815-637-9002.