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Differences to Consider in Fastener Companies

There are many different fastener supply companies in any geographic area around the country. Finding the right fastener companies near me is not as simple as just doing a quick online search or looking through a website and placing an order.

Instead, looking for a fastener supply company should be similar to choosing a trusted partner for your business. At least, that is how the team at Field sees working with a new customer. We see our goals in simplifying your life in all aspects, from developing better products to streamlining your ordering, inventory, and operational considerations.

The Big Picture Perspective

Unlike looking for smaller fastener companies, Field works on a big picture platform. We see the benefits of a long-term working relationship with our customers, where we play a part of assisting with R&D efforts, to look for ways to help you to reduce costs, select the best and most cost-effective fastener for the job, and to help you to reduce waste throughout the process.

Global Supply Chain

When you need to have quality fasteners, you need to work with a fastener supply company with a truly global supply chain. Field has developed a fully vetted network of suppliers around the world to meet and exceed your fastener standards and specifications.

Any fastener supply company can provide the basics, but it takes an experienced, proven company to provide value-added benefits. To talk to the Field team about your fastener needs, call us at 815-637-9002.