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Bolts and Fasteners for Industrial Applications

As the leading bolt and fastener supplier, Field is much more than just an industrial fastener distributor. We are a company that focuses on sourcing and providing anything our customers need, and we have a network of approved manufacturers of top-quality fasteners to satisfy even the most demanding types of industrial applications.

There are several factors to keep in mind when considering your options in nuts, bolts, and fasteners. By focusing on these essential considerations, we assist you in making the right choices, or assist in the research and development to create a unique fastener that meets your application's specifications.

The Right Material

One of the ways we work with our customers is by assisting in selecting the right materials for the nuts, bolts, and fasteners. While stainless steel and steel may be the most common materials, they are not always the best for all industrial applications.

Our team can assess the specifics of the application and make suggestions for materials that offer durability, corrosion resistance, tolerance to heat and cold, or other factors. As your bolt and fastener supplier, we will find the lowest cost option that also provides the quality and durability required.

Type of Fastener

Looking at options in nuts, bolts, and fasteners provides you with a clear understanding of off-the-shelf options. These can be a good option, but only if they meet the specifications of the application.

Field has the network of manufacturers to produce customized options in fasteners. Our goal is to provide you with year over year cost savings to your overall fastening system. Let us handle the testing and validation for you. To discuss your options, get in touch today at 815-637-9002.