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Field Development Programs

As part of the Field Development Program, you’re not training for a job; you’re preparing for a career!

Field offers industry-leading programs for new enthusiastic, energetic Team Members who are eager to learn about Field’s business and the fastener distribution industry.

The Field Development Program has two primary tracks:

  • Technical positions (Sales, Engineering, Quality)

  • Business Professional positions (Account Management, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Accounting).

Program overview:

  • 12-24 month training and development program

  • Rotational training plan including:

    • Sales, marketing, engineering, quality, receiving, shipping, on-site customer service, supply chain, accounting, and human resources

    • Learning about products, processes and services critical to our business model

  • Activities within the program include:

    • Assisting Account Managers and Sales Reps in support of our customers; creating presentations

    • Research and data collection

    • Providing assistance in sourcing, quoting, buying and supply chain management

    • Learning to perform inspection and quality procedures

    • Conducting engineering testing and technical writing

    • Contributing to our accounting and human resources areas

Qualified candidates should be:

  • Highly motivated

  • Organized

  • Detail oriented

  • A problem solver

  • Results oriented

  • Possess the ability to work with limited direct supervision

  • Recognize the value of a long term development program

Upon completion of the development program, the Team Member will be able to take on key responsibilities within one of our functional areas while possessing knowledge and skills vital to all aspects of our business.