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5 Reasons You Should Work with Vendor Managed Inventory Systems

One of the many challenges for a business is managing inventory. All too often, issues with missed or forgotten orders, low supply levels, or too much inventory in items that are not needed or only rarely used causes problems for your business. When those items missing to start or complete a job are fasteners, small items can result in high costs and loss of customer trust on the project.

The Solution

A simple way to solve those issues is to let Field implement our vendor management inventory systems in your facility. We manage your inventory of fasteners, C-Commodities, and Machined Components, ensuring levels remain within your specified parameters to keep the stock you need on hand.

There are many benefits to our vendor managed inventory solutions. Taking a closer look at the top five reasons will demonstrate how these solutions help your business.

  1. Better budget control: With the correct level of inventory in the business, you save money by not over-purchasing or under-purchasing essential fasteners.
  2. Less storage required: Within vendor management inventory systems, companies often stockpile fasteners, which results in the need for additional internal or external storage.
  3. Constant monitoring: Our vendor managed inventory solutions are monitored and set on customized schedules to maintain your inventory levels.
  4. Reduce staff time: Counting, ordering, receiving, unpacking, and stocking of inventory is managed by our team, freeing up your staff.
  5. Customized options: Field Fastener provides different options in vendor management inventory systems to meet the needs of our customers and integrate with their business model.

For more information on our vendor management inventory solutions, call us today at 815-637-9002.