4 Things to Look for When Partnering With A Fastener Distributor

Choosing a fastener distributor may not seem like a critical part of your business. However, if you consider the essential role that fasteners play in your manufacturing, fabrication, construction, or service business, it becomes evident that working with the best possible industrial fastener distributor is an advantage.

At Field, we are the leading industrial fastener distributor with a focus on providing the services our customers require. This is more than providing fasteners; it includes being involved in providing research and development support, sourcing the right fastener for the job, and ensuring your business is saving money and time.

We think there are four key factors to look for when choosing an industrial fastener distributor as a partner for your business. Taking the time to consider how these factors play a role in your business helps to make the case for a quality supplier.


We offer over 120,000 different SKUs, 900 global suppliers and currently operate more than 900 vendor-managed inventory programs around the world in more than twenty-four countries. We have the inventory supply chains to provide the product when you need it.


We think our reputation speaks for itself. We have a 99.96% correct order shipment rate and 99.8% on-time delivery ratings from our customers.

Additional Services

In addition to an exceptional network of global suppliers and high quality fasteners, we also offer various options in VMI services that are tailored to your needs. We also provide value-added engineering and kitting and assembly.

Custom Service and Support

At Field, our customers are our focus. We provide exceptional customer service, support, engineering assistance, and help in ensuring you have the right fastener for the job.

For more information on our services as the top industrial fastener distributor, call us at 815-637-9002.