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Field Fastener Delivers Outstanding Performance, Receives Industry Leading Net Promoter Score!

Field Fastener is proud to announce today that we’ve received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80 from our latest customer wide survey.  


The NPS Survey is a client satisfaction and service quality metric based on a single survey question that asks clients how likely they are to recommend your firm to a friend or colleague.  Clients respond using a numeric scale of 0-10, ten being extremely likely and zero being not likely at all.

According to OroCRM, there is no magic number for all B2B industries. However, the average NPS for all B2B typically ranges from 25-33. For example, engineering (not technology related) has an average NPS of 22, manufacturing has an NPS of 27 and commodity suppliers NPS comes in just below 20.  A NPS of 20 or above is considered good, and any score above 50 is considered world class. With Field’s world class NPS and our 29% growth rate in 2019, Field is making sure that we are more than just parts, instead we are your partner!

“Field has used the NPS process to measure our customer sentiment for years and I am glad to report that our recent NPS improved to 80!” said President, Jim Derry.  “This is truly a world class score, and to couple that with a 29% organic growth rate last year says a lot about the dedication of our team to support our customers.  I am very proud of the entire Field Team for making this happen.  The key to our consistently high NPS scores is directly connected to our Culture.  Our Culture empowers all Field Team Members to be able to do whatever it takes to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations every day.  The on-going dedication and commitment to supporting the needs of our customers is our DNA as an organization. “

Field regularly surveys customers to ensure we are living our mission statement, which is “to have everyone who interacts with us, Love us”.  We do this through the quarterly business reviews with customers to ensure the company is delivering legendary service and honoring their commitments throughout the year. Beyond the business review surveys, we also asks customers to complete an annual survey to gain insight into areas such as customer service, communication, delivery, quality and responsiveness. Customers gave Field high marks in all survey areas.

Here is what a few of our Customers had to say:

“Outstanding Customer Service and Open Communication”

“Quick Lead Times”

“Competitive Pricing”

“Great Team to Work With”

“Keep Up the Great Service and Stocking Programs”

To learn more about Field Fastener, please call 815-637-9002 or visit us online at http://www.fieldfastener.com.