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The Importance of Safety in the Workplace

A safe work environment is a productive one. Application of the safety standards in place at Field results in fewer accidents, lower workers compensation costs, less down time, lower repair costs, and less time training new people taking the place of an injured team member. 

Safety standards are in place for the use of material handling equipment, the overall health and well-being of team members, and how to respond in the event of an emergency. These standards allow team members to make choices that are in the best interest of everyone in the building.

Safety is discussed on an on-going basis at Field. We have a “Safety Team” that is comprised of both Team Members and Team Leaders. They meet on a monthly basis to discuss any issues regarding the safety of the Team as a whole and are dedicated to providing direction to the Team regarding Field’s environmental, health, and safety standards.

The Safety Team conducts internal audits regularly, which allows them to track, discuss, and correct any issues that may be a threat to Team Members. The Safety Team as well as all Team members are empowered to take immediate action on any issues in an attempt to correct unsafe behavior and resolve unsafe situations.

In the warehouse, material handling equipment should be used with caution. When a piece of equipment isn’t functioning properly, Team Members must notify their Team Leaders, as well as any Team Members in the area, that a problem exists. If necessary, keys should be removed, equipment should be unplugged, “out of service” signs should be hung, and in some cases the equipment should be moved to the “Lockout/Tagout” station.

Team Members should never assume that a piece of equipment is up-and-running after being marked out of service. It is the responsibility of the Team Leader to resolve the issue and then notify appropriate Team Members once the corrective actions have been taken.

Field Team Members are expected to report all injuries and potential hazards immediately to a Team Leader, Safety Team member or member of Leadership as they are discovered. This ensures that all Team Members, visitors and business partners are safe at all times.

HR Director and Safety Team Member, Tim Firm, says it best, “Safety at Field aligns with our commitment to our Team and the value we place on our Team Members. Caring about one another and watching out for one another tends to create a commitment to safety that goes beyond a list of rules and regulations. The relationships that exist among Team Members throughout Field encourages a culture of safety.”