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Field Receives Industry-Leading Net Promoter Score for Outstanding Performance

Field, a global innovator of supply chain and engineering based cost savings solutions providing fasteners and other direct materials to the OEM market, announced today that they’ve received a NPS score of 73 from their latest customer survey. 

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and is a metric that is used to gauge the loyalty of a company’s customer base and the customers’ overall satisfaction with the company. An NPS score can be as low as -100 or as high as +100; an NPS score that is higher than + 50 is considered to be excellent and over 70 considered world class.

According to Inavero’s Annual Industry Benchmark Study, the average industry NPS score for manufacturing is 27. This industry benchmark demonstrates the quality of service provided by B2B firms and the score of 27 does not meet the minimum global standard for ‘excellent’ service. Field’s score of 73 sets an unprecedented mark in customer loyalty and satisfaction in the manufacturing industry. Field’s key to their high score comes from the mindset of being more than just a parts supplier to their customer base. They’re a partner with the tools and team members capable of providing outstanding value through their integrating engineering and inventory management services to OEMs.

“Field has been able to grow on average 19% per year since 1990 based on our ability to live our mission statement, which is to have everyone who interacts with us, LOVE us” states Field’s Chief Customer Officer, Adam Derry. “The cornerstone of this growth is keeping customers happy and being relentless in our approach to save them money and drive efficiency in their business. There is nothing unique in the products we sell, but there is something special in the people we surround the product with and the organizational culture we have. It is truly a competitive advantage and the NPS score is a testament that it is working.”

Field regularly surveys customers before business reviews to ensure the company is delivering legendary service and honoring their commitments throughout the year. Beyond the business review surveys, Field also asks customers to complete an annual survey to gain insight into areas such as customer service, communication, delivery, quality and responsiveness. Customers gave Field high marks in all survey areas. The survey was sent to the customers who make up 90% of Field’s revenue and Field received a 32% response rate from those customers.