Fieldamental #29: Participate

Participate: Be an active part of the Field family by participating in improvement events, community activities, educational opportunities, team-building events, and just plain fun.  Be engaged.

This Fieldamental puts many others into “action”.  Participation is a critical component to the following Fieldamentals:

  • Think team first
  • Drive for innovation
  • Be a subject matter expert
  • Be a brand ambassador
  • Always remember we’re a family
  • Maintain a healthy work life balance
  • Keep things fun

Participation in activities outside of your direct work responsibilities can be a great way to get to know other team members better.  This is good for you, the other team members, and the Field team.  The more effectively we can relate to others on the team, the more likely we are to enjoy our jobs and the more effective we can be.  We can do anything when we work together as a cohesive team.

Field is committed to supporting the communities we operate in.  The optimal way for us to support local non-profit organizations is when we can leverage the financial resources of Field and engage the team member’s capabilities.  Building the Habitat for Humanity house last summer is the perfect example of this approach, Field financially sponsored the house and many team members helped to build it.  This project benefited Chazney and her son in a very clear way, a home to live in.  The project also generated equally powerful benefits to Field through team building and project management skill development.  Dale regularly brings volunteer opportunities to the team in Rockford, take advantage of these opportunities.

There are countless educational opportunities available to our team.  Sign up for a class, seminar, webinar, etc. to learn more about a topic you are interested in.  You improve your capability as you increase your knowledge.  Field strongly encourages and will support you in your quest to improve your skill set.