Fieldamental #28: Be Obsessive About Organization and Our Appearance

In my opinion, it is impossible to separate quality from housekeeping and an organized work space.  There are several benefits of clean and well organized work spaces.

  • Work spaces are safer when they are clean and organized because there are less objects or hazards “in the way” of the work that needs to be completed.
  • When everything is in a defined place, work can be more efficient, because you don’t spend time looking for the resources, equipment and information needed.  This is also true for the organization of information or computer files, especially files that are shared with other team members.  Make sure electronic files are stored in the appropriate place on our network.
  • Errors are less likely to happen when you operate in a clean and orderly work space because there are fewer distractions from the work being done.  An orderly work area allows us to maintain greater focus when things get stressful.
  • Let’s face it; it’s just nicer to work in a clean, orderly and organized work space.

Being organized helps each of us to be more effective and also, appropriately, inspires others with a sense of confidence that we’re “on top of our game.”  Time invested in personal organization is paid back many times over in increased effectiveness.  It helps us to work more effectively, enabling us to get more done in less time with less stress.

Your personal appearance makes a strong statement about the pride you take in your performance.  The appearance of your work space makes a similar statement about the quality of your work.  Take responsibility to see that your work environment is clean, neat and organized.  The appearance or your work space and the perception people have of Field are directly connected.  We (you and Field) both get only one chance to make a first impression when someone visits our facilities.

Most of our team members have been to our facility in Rockford.  When we put the addition onto the facility, we put considerable thought into creating the right first impression for visitors of our Rockford facility.  The entry lobby of the building and Great Room make a statement about Field and what we stand for.  Regardless of the facility you work in, ensure your personal appearance and work space sends the right message.