Fieldamental #27: Maintain A Healthy Work/Life Balance

MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WORK/LIFE BALANCE. Stay happier, healthier, and more productive by balancing your time between work, family life, emotional/spiritual development, community activities, and physical fitness.

This week’s Fieldamental is important because we truly care about all aspects of the lives of each member of the Field family and want to encourage you to develop a balance in your life.  As you are able to balance what is important in your life, you may find that things just seem to be better.  You may be happier, you’re more likely to be healthy, you could be more effective as a spouse, parent or friend, and just in a “better place” in your life.  Don’t underestimate the positive impact physical & emotional health and wellbeing can have on every aspect of your life.

The perfect day for me starts with exercise, some quiet time in prayer and a healthy breakfast, followed by a stimulating day at work and ends with quality time at home with my family.  But it doesn’t always happen that way.  Field work, non-profit work, and even family time tends to happen in “waves”.  Last week was a perfect example; Mark Andrews and I were with David Yeh in Taiwan all last week.  Absolutely no balance, we had meetings with suppliers from 7am to 9 or 10pm every day, no time for anything else.  That’s just what happens when we travel to see suppliers in Asia.  The life balance for me needed to kick in when we got home.  Sometime balance happens over a longer period of time, like weeks & months, not daily.  When I go too long without balance in life, if feel more stressed out and am more likely to get sick, and that just makes balance harder to find.  Balance is harder to achieve the longer your life is out of balance.

Another aspect of life balance is “being there” for your family.  Take the time necessary to support your family and friends, be there for them.  Make Field aware if you need support from your Field family.  We truly care about all aspects of your life; remember we are a family, Fieldamental #25!

The last comment I’ll make is a challenge to you to find ways to utilize your God given talents outside of Field.  There are countless non-profit organizations and worthy causes that could use your help and support.  Find a way to support your community by engaging with a local organization that needs your assistance.

When your life is in balance, you will feel better, work better, and overall just be better.