Fieldamental #16: Be A Subject Matter Expert

BE A SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT. Become an expert in your field.  Develop a specific product and/or industry expertise.  Be the “go to” person that others look to for recommendations and solutions.

To really make this Fieldamental happen, we need to start with each Field Team member committing to improving themselves by becoming an expert in some aspect of what we do at Field.  Take something you are passionate about and dig deeper into the subject matter.  Learn, study, take classes, attend seminars, read blogs, write blogs, join an organization dedicated to the subject, just find a way to learn about the topic you think you can become a subject matter expert on. Be A Subject Matter Expert

The subject can be anything; fastener related topics, P-21 utilization, Microsoft Office applications, LinkedIn, Fieldamentals, leadership, training, our value proposition, and the list goes on.  Don’t wait for permission or direction from your Team Leader, just do it (sorry Nike).  Get leadership involved when approval for external training is needed, bring your ideas to the surface and give them exposure & build support for what you believe in.

The next aspect of becoming a subject matter expert is really the most important part.  It is the willingness to share your new found expertise!  Freely share you knowledge, help anyone that needs assistance, look for ways to help the team and leverage your experiences with others.  Think about the potential of Field if everyone in the company was a subject matter expert on something and was willing to share his or her knowledge with the rest of the team.

I challenge everyone to share the expertise you have or commit to developing greater knowledge on a specific topic.