Fieldamental #12: Think Team First

THINK TEAM FIRST. Consider how your actions impact other team members.  Be willing to step into another role or help a co-worker when that’s what’s required for success.  Work together and collaborate.  There’s nothing we can’t do when we work together!

One of my greatest joys of being a part of the Field Team is overcoming the significant challenges we have faced by working together as a Team!  There are so many examples; I will share a few of my favorites.

In 2007, we were awarded the largest single new contract in our history, $2.5MM. The system our new customer needed included 5 “in-plant stores” in 5 states across the USA.  We had to do all of the normal last piece inspection and part creation; plus finding, hiring & training a team to manage all 5 “stores”.  Each store needed scanners, printers, PC and a secure connection to support EDI.  Our new customer also had some very detailed and complicated label and packaging requirements.  The Field Team worked together and set the entire network up within 90 days!

Team First

Just a few years ago, the decision makers from an engine manufacturer came to Field for our final presentation.  At the end of our presentation, they told us that we have were the supplier they wanted, but we had to set up a VMI system for over 800 part numbers in 2 weeks!  This was an unheard of request.  The Field TM’s responsible for setting up new VMI systems discussed the challenge and agreed to find a way to make this happen.  Virtually everyone on the Team was involved in the implementation, either directly working with the customer or backfilling for the large number of TM’s that worked non-stop for 2 weeks getting the new VMI system set up.  It took a well thought out plan and a massive Team effort to get this done

A more recent example of the power of Team Work is how we have worked together to integrate HRS and Field over the past 18 months.  We have made steady and continuous improvements to become one Brand and one Company.  Virtually every Team Members has been involved in activities that have helped bring Field & HRS together.  We have achieved significant operational & cultural consistency between Rockford and Tyler so far and will expand our efforts into our Mexico locations this year.  2 good companies are becoming one Great company!

The list goes on and on.  The bottom line is this, there in NOTHING we can’t do when we work together as a Team!  We will take on the most challenging customer requirements, we will integrate future acquisitions into Field, we will continue to expand geographically and we will continue to raise the bar on our own performance.  We will control our future by working together as a Team.  This means being there for the rest of the Team, helping and supporting   each other, covering for others when they are focused on different projects and just doing whatever it takes to get the job done.